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The easiest way to get a new customer in LATAM is a simple Chatbot

Publicado por Javier Morales Stekel

19/07/18 14:24


We´ve seen an explosion of chatbots and the use, and abuse, of Artificial Intelligence used in internet marketing and sales. Yet, as allways introduction lags in Latam. We want to build a damn stupid chatbot that does one good thing first: qualify for sales.

The rise of chatbots, applied for a cause....

Another Chatbot (yes for latam)

1.- Why Simple?


With artificial intelligence on the rise we asked ourselves on why not deliver a solution that can help harness each customer´s needs in the sales process, and the answer is simple and its because it´s not scalable. Not for us, not for our clients. Instead we want to take an easier approach that adds more value.

The Pareto Principle Applied

In digital marketing a customer journey can vary from years to days to minutes (as I´ve seen firsthand selling MBAs, Cars or cleaning products) , but there´s always a critical part that determines sales and it´s engagement. Now we´ve move from lead capture to chatbots but still the story is how to correctly qualify someone´s capacity and intent in order to allocate your salespeople. We believe that a simple, 4-10 iteration conversational bot can solve this for most companies. And that´s scalable.

The value Ladder 

Invariably, as SaaS companies grow they tend to grow in complexity. We believe simplicity as an offer at first adds value as it facilitates change. We think we can add value fast by doing and selling this 


2.- Why for Latam companies?

Latinos are a special bunch. More open to people, less open to risk.

Our experience as pioneering partners working B2B for the top rated Marketing automation platform as well as a leading artificial intelligence for sales assistant has put us in front of a lot of execs and managers in the biggest companies in Latam, heck at least 3000 of them as per my CRM and 100 of them as per my digital marketing agency´s  clients list (now we only do Strategic advising on digital transformation, and recommend people and software for tactical).

Heck, Chileans are different than say Mexicans, and companies ethos are diverse but still we see a lag in digital transformation that has to do with a lag in overall progress (there I´ve said it)

In Latam Exces are pamepered

They are very prone to relationships 

In Latam Exces and Managers are risk aversed

In general the common question when doing new things is who has tried this as opposed to what can I get form this



Now we think  it’s time to go for it. With internet marketing ad spend between 10 to 30% of total ad budget and growing knowledge of the importance of digital transformation in marketing and sales, and the rise of the promise in Artificial Intelligence bots, now is the time to create a simple one that adds value and evolves as it scales. And  the most value added today is to qualify to route to a salesperson and boost sales.


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